Leukippos - an open synthetic biology lab in the cloud

Gerd Moe-Behrens | Pedro L. Fernandes | Pablo Cárdenas R. | sayane shome | Alioune Ngom

Non profit

This project was funded on:
4 July 2013
Help us take open science to London! We submitted two papers produced by our synthetic biology lab to the International Workshop on Bio Design Automation that will take place this July in London, and got accepted. But we need your help to cover the registration fees, and travel costs for one of our members. Please lend us a hand and support open science!

What are the goals of this project?

One of the projects currently under development is a web app designed to store information and resources about all the different pieces of software available for synthetic biology. The app organizes software hierarchically by function, and can be a great help for researchers trying to identify the best tool for the job and is the product of crowdsourced work. Another project is SynBrick, a game in which players solve puzzles and build genetic circuits mixing and matching genes like you would Lego bricks. The solutions provided by players can help solve real-life problems, and the best solutions may be tried in the lab some day. We submitted papers about these two projects to the International Workshop on Bio Design Automation that will happen this July in London, and got accepted. But we need your help to cover the registration and travel costs for one of our members. So lend us a hand and support open science!

Why is this research important?

Leukippos is an open synthetic biology lab. This is a great opportunity for everybody independent of your location. The Leukippos project gives everybody the opportunity to do great science. We are developing an mashup platform where you can find all synthetic biology related software. This platform is of great help for everybody doing synthetic biology related research. The synthetic biology game will be a great opportunity both to learn about synthetic biology and solve real world problems in an engaging game context.

How will the funds be used?

Our two abstracts are accepted for a poster presentation at the 5th International Workshop on Bio-Design Automation IWBDA 2013 http://www.iwbdaconf.org July 13th in London. As all work in the Leukippos project is done on a voluntary basis, we need help to pay the registration fee and travel expenses for this meeting.


Budget Overview

Registration fee, flight ticket for our presenter from Portugal, one night in a hotel in London

Meet the Researcher


Gerd Moe-Behrens has a PhD from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo, Norway. During a brief Post Doc at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin, Germany his scientific focus was on Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells. This work introduced him to Systems Biology. This was the starting point for his interest in Synthetic Biology with a special focus on biocomputing. He started to join the Apple developer program, focused on dry lab work and work on an Apple platform (main focus :xcode, objective c). He then founded the Leukippos Institute for Synthetic Biology, a research institute solely in the cloud. He has a strong interest to explore novel forms of scientific work on a web platform. The work of the Leukippos Institute has been presented on the SpotOn blog by the scientific journal Nature. Moreover, he is founder and CEO of CytoComp, a young startup focusing on biological computing. His personal research interests are computer assisted design, morphogenesis and biological computers.

The Leukippos project has been an awesome road to travel. We work together from all over the world. Alioune is from Canada, Pedro from Portugal, Sayane from India, Pablo from Colombia and Gerd is from Germany. Many more people have joined us. We have all a passion for synthetic biology and computer science. We are thrilled that our work got accepted for a poster presentation on an international conference. This shows us, that our novel cloud collaboration platform can lead to great projects and give people from many areas of the world an awesome opportunity.

Check the lab notes section to see the members of our team from all over the world!

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