Mapping Addiction

Maxwell Roth


This project was funded on:
4 July 2013
Addiction and drug dependence are preventable and treatable diseases. Understanding the neurophysiological basis of these diseases will help us further advance medical models for addiction treatment and recovery. Donations go to support this non-profit venture! Together, we can build a better future!


Budget Overview

The budget is divided among three main components: preparing brain tissue, running the imaging protocol, and purchasing scientific consumables.

Meet the Researcher


Maxwell Roth is a Junior in the Undergraduate Interdepartamental Neuroscience Program at UCLA. By studying how the fine structure of the nervous system changes in response to chronic opiate use he hopes to broaden the understanding of how the brain may be implicated in human health and disease, specifically addiction.

A big thanks to Chris Breault and Andre Bato for directing and filming the video.Also I'd like to thank Noah Strouse for helping to develop this project proposal with me!

Citations for Video:
NIDA Statistics Resources and
Ethan Perlstein, Crowd Sourcing Discovery

Project Backers

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