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We select 300 users that meet the following criteria:

§  20-50 years old

§  Average or slightly below average BMI

§  Are not professional athletes, but can be amateurs (jog, go to the gym, etc.)

§  Are not seriously ill (cardiovascular disease, respiratory tract infections, brain damage)

§  Do not take medication that affects heart rate and blood pressure

§  At least one ARVI since they have started using Welltory

§  Minimum of 3 morning measurements taken within 7 days prior to the appearance of symptoms

§  Data on the number of hours worked, steps and sleep for the past 7 days

§  At least 3 measurements during the illness

§  At least 3 measurements after the illness

We interview each user, then separate them into subgroups by age and level of physical fitness, since these factors significantly influence default HRV.

Then, within each group we analyze how HRV indicators changed during the onset and throughout the illness, comparing these indicators to lifestyle data. We are going to look for correlations and dependencies between indices of sick people, build mathematical models, analyze data and track reverse trends for every person. Thus, we will be able to figure out which lifestyle factors influence our risk of getting sick, as well as the duration and severity of the illness. The result will be a formula that outlines the relationship between HRV parameters and ARVI.

 HRV indicators we use to track patterns.

Statistical indicators

Interval length/Mean NN/Mean RR/Mean




Coefficient of variation/CV

Variation pulsometry indicators


Mode amplitude/Амо

Welltory energy level

Stress index


Spectral analysis indicators

HF/PNS Activity/Respiratory waves in in ms2

HF/PNS Activity/Respiratory waves in %

LF/SNS Activity/Slow 1st order waves/Vasomotor waves in ms2

LF/SNS Activity/Slow 1st order waves/Vasomotor waves in %

VLF/Activity of central humoral-metabolic regulation mechanisms/Slow 2nd order waves in ms2

VLF/Activity of central humoral-metabolic regulation mechanisms/Slow 2nd order waves in %

Total power/TP

LF/HF/Energy phase/PNS and SNS balance

Centralization index/IC

Nonlinear analysis indicators




This project has not yet shared any protocols.