Research Poster Investigating what Bereavement Services are Available in the Adult ICU

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About This Project

Our group developed this research question: In the United States what bereavement programs are available in adult ICUs for the family of the deceased? What we discovered through our research is that there is a greater need for bereavement programs and further research.

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What is the context of this research?

Through our research we have found that:
1. There is an absence of literature on bereavement care for families of patients who die in adult ICUs in the United States.
2. Developed countries with universal healthcare coverage have identified the need to evaluate bereavement care.
3. Death in the ICU is associated with an increased risk for post-traumatic stress disorder among family members.
4. Critical care nurses lack formal end-of-life training and resources to confidently provide bereavement support.
5. Bereavement follow-up care improves patient family satisfaction.

What is the significance of this project?

There is a gap in the literature regarding current bereavement practices in the US. Bereavement services are needed to reduce effects of complicated grief. End-of-life training is needed for nursing staff. Redirecting futile life-saving measures to bereavement programs would: Increase family satisfaction Create closure for nursing staff and family

What are the goals of the project?

Are immediate goals for this project it to help stimulate further research, and development of evidence based bereavement programs in adult ICUs across the United States.


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The research poster that we created has been approved to be displayed at UCSF's "Research Days 2014." Donations will go toward attendance cost, and the reprinting of out research poster.

Meet the Team

Brandon Mack
Brandon Mack
Sierra Basegio
Sierra Basegio
Bethany Bierdeman
Bethany Bierdeman
Dorota Krasecka
Dorota Krasecka

Team Bio

Samuel Merritt University ABSN Nursing Student interested in developing a career in ICU nursing.

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