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About This Project

Students at the University of Akron in Ohio have taken on the task of researching automotive technology and manufacturing an open wheel "formula" racecar. This project will give students the opportunity to gain real experience they can apply to their future careers in the industry.

The Akron team is currently ranked 7th in the world with over 500 entries.

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What is the context of this research?

Goals for 2014 include:

1. Improved aerodynamic efficiency
2. Reduced vehicle weight
3. Increased fuel efficiency

To reach the first two goals, the manufacturing process will be very important. We are researching advanced methods for creating carbon fiber components that are very lightweight and very strong.

With a given set of rules, teams are faced with the challenge of orchestrating their entire operations. They must coordinate budgets, schedules, purchasing, designs, manufacturing, testings, etc. Once at a competition with several other universities, both the car and the team are judged in a series of static and dynamic events. The jury is comprised of leading industry professionals in the field of automotive engineering. They will judge the team’s ability to present their engineering designs, cost planning, and marketing objectives. The rest of the scoring is ultimately determined by the racecar’s performance on the track.

What is the significance of this project?

The automotive industry is moving in such a way to reduce environmental impact through low weight and low drag. By funding this project, you will be helping this team of future engineers gain important experience and skills that will be directly transferred to the automotive industry in the future. This will help push the cars on the road to be more cost effective and cleaner to operate.

What are the goals of the project?

Your support will be put toward raw materials used in the manufacturing of our aerodynamic system. This includes molds, structural fabrics, and the manufacturing costs involved.


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Our budget is broken down based on each item we will need for the project.

Meet the Team

Zips Racing
Zips Racing

Team Bio

Team Manager - Ryan Kruse - Senior Mechanical Engineer
Powertrain - Kevin Musial - Junior Mechanical Engnieer
Drivetrain - Logan Micham - Junior Mechanical Engineer
Brakes - Cloyd Reed - Junior Mechanical Engineer
Bodywork - Chris Disante - Junior Mechanical Engineer
Frame - Preston Davis - Sophmore Mechanical Engineer
Electrical - Chris Bergsneider - Senior Electrical Engineer
Electrical - John Johenning - Sophmore Electrical Engineer
Cooling - Patrick Moga - Junior Mechanical Engineer
Aerodynamics - Alex Koon - Junior Mechanical Engineer
Aerodynamics - Ian Kay - Sophmore Mechanical Engineer
Fuel System - Alan Plassard - Junior Mechanical Engineer
Suspension - Anna Davies - Junior Mechanical Engineer
Machining - Austin Perry - Freshman Mechanical Engineer
Welding - Shafia Ahmad - Junior Mechanical Engineer

Lab Notes

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