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Urban Composting Revolution: Educating Communities with Black Soldier Flies

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About This Project

Urban environments generate substantial organic waste, which often ends up in landfills, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. This project aims to address this challenge by utilizing black soldier flies (BSF) to decompose organic waste efficiently. A mobile trailer equipped with BSF will serve as an educational tool- Students and community members will learn about the benefits of composting and how to implement BSF composting systems.

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What is the context of this research?

Urban areas face significant challenges in managing organic waste, which contributes to environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions when sent to landfills. Black soldier flies are an effective solution for decomposing organic waste due to their high consumption rates and ability to convert waste into valuable by-products like compost and animal feed. By integrating BSF composting into urban waste management strategies, we can reduce the environmental impact of organic waste and promote sustainable practices. This project aims to introduce BSF composting through an educational mobile trailer, fostering awareness and practical skills in composting among students and community members.

What is the significance of this project?

The use of black soldier flies for composting offers several benefits, including rapid decomposition of organic waste, reduction of landfill contributions, and production of nutrient-rich compost. Additionally, BSF larvae can be used as a protein in animal feed, contributing to circular economy practices. Educating the public, especially the younger generation, about BSF composting can instill sustainable waste management habits and increase community involvement in environmental conservation. This project’s mobile trailer will provide an interactive learning experience, demonstrating the practical application and benefits of BSF composting. Setting up composting systems at schools and community centers will ensure long-term engagement and impact.

What are the goals of the project?

The primary goal of this project is to promote and implement BSF composting in urban environments through education and hands-on experience. Specific objectives include: developing a mobile trailer equipped with BSF composting units to serve as an educational tool; conducting educational workshops at schools and community centers to teach students and community members about BSF composting; support setting up small-scale BSF composting systems at participating schools and community centers to provide ongoing composting capabilities; raising awareness about sustainable waste management practices and the environmental benefits of reducing organic waste sent to landfills.


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Educational Workshops: $3,000

  • Development and delivery of workshops at schools and community centers.
  • Training materials, handouts, and activity kits for participants.

Composting System Setup: $1,500

  • Purchase of materials for setting up BSF composting systems
  • Transportation and installation costs for the composting units.

Personnel and Training: $3,500

  • Compensation for project staff and trainers conducting workshops and maintaining the mobile trailer.
  • Training sessions for school and community center staff on managing BSF composting systems.

Monitoring and Evaluation: $1,500

  • Regular monitoring of the composting systems' performance and educational program impact.
  • Data collection and analysis to assess project outcomes and areas for improvement.

Endorsed by

There is an urgent need for better organic waste management in urban areas. This project is an innovative solution that addresses this issue. By using a mobile trailer to educate youth and communities, this project not only manages waste effectively but also fosters environmental responsibility. I fully endorse this project and its potential to create lasting, positive change in our urban landscapes.

Project Timeline

During Months 1-3, we will launch the mobile trailer and conduct initial pilot visits to selected schools and community centers, train project staff and volunteers on BSF composting and conduct survey on #'s composted & knowledge

During Months 4-7 we will: Conduct regular educational workshops and hands-on activities; set up small-scale BSF composting systems at participating locations, record #'s of organic waste composted, and product generated

Month 9- conduct post-survey and report

Jul 10, 2024

Project Launched

Aug 14, 2024

Milestone 1: Mobile Trailer Development and Launch (End of Month 3)

Nov 13, 2024

Milestone 2: Mid-Project Review and Expansion (End of Month 6)

Mar 19, 2025

Milestone 3: Final Evaluation and Reporting (End of Month 9)

Meet the Team

Dave Littere
Dave Littere

Team Bio

Future Acres Urban Farming LLC is a “certified naturally grown” urban farm that produces microgreens, edible flowers and other produce, and provides local composting services, located in Burke Virginia. We are involved in our local food system, have connections with different stakeholders, making us well positioned to act as change agents for our food system, as a a community biology tool

Dave Littere

Owner of Future Acres Urban Farming, LLC

Lab Notes

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Additional Information

This project aligns with the aims of the Community Bio Challenge by making the powerful tools of biology accessible and understandable to everyone, especially through creative educational programs. By leveraging the unique biological capabilities of black soldier flies, we are introducing an innovative, open-source solution for organic waste management. The mobile trailer and workshops foster a hands-on, interactive approach to learning about biology and sustainable practices, ensuring that knowledge is not confined to traditional laboratory settings. This initiative also supports the sustainability and growth of the Community Bio movement by engaging diverse urban communities, promoting biological literacy, and demonstrating practical applications of biological tools in everyday life.

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