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Vulnerability Mapping for Rapid Emergency Response (RER) in the Himalaya

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Ended on 2/11/17
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· Locate each of the interviewed households in Google map (personalized Google map under Google Drive) giving them unique code and description

· Compute all of the social-ecological data of a household or of a place/cluster with their addresses and assess social-ecological vulnerability

· Using Google street locate all the addresses stored into Google Sheet or in MS Excel

· Use Map street add-on and link the spreadsheet addresses into Google map to show the ‘locations’ or import the addresses from Google sheet to ‘my places’ Provide people awareness about the use of map to inform and or assist emergency/disaster responses


This project does not have serious challenge or any security risk, however, would be informed to the government authority before visiting the field, verbal consent of the house-owner will be obtained before locating their house in a map. If any conflict faced, the local authorities and local police stations will be informed as early as possible. 

Pre Analysis Plan

As this is a pilot study, a trial use of model will be made by embedding google maps through social media to show authorities how it works 


This project has not yet shared any protocols.