We will conduct an online experiment to understand the willingness of individuals in high-income countries to donate towards COVID-19 vaccine initiatives in resource-poor settings.

Subjects are randomly assigned to one of two treatment arms or the control group. In each treatment group, subjects are presented with information in visual and written form on the benefits of donating vaccines: saving lives, reducing the risk of viral mutations, and reducing the global economic damage. In the first treatment, the information is presented with an altruistic narrative. The second treatment arm emphasizes the benefits of donation for the individual. We ask all subjects questions about their experience during the pandemic and if/when they have received a vaccine. 

Each participant can earn up to $15 in our experiment. At the end, each individual is offered the choice of donating a portion of their payment to a vaccine access initiative such as COVAX. We then analyse the data to understand how different narratives (treatments) and experiences during the pandemic affect individuals’ willingness to donate.


This project has not yet shared any protocols.