What's Calcium's role in heart and kidney disease?

Corey Goldman | Bertrand Mukete

Tulane University School of Medicine

This project was funded on:
12 February 2014
Hardening of the arteries, or atherosclerosis, is a global problem leading to heart attacks and strokes. Many treatments focus on preventing fatty deposits in the arteries by lowering cholesterol. Despite this, many people continue to have blocked arteries. Calcium deposits also build up in the arteries but the cause of this is not well understood. Our research has demonstrated elevated levels of a chemical called, BONE MORPHOGENETIC PROTEIN in patients with both kidney disease and heart disease. We want to target this protein to treat and detect heart and kidney disease.


Budget Overview

Altogether, we'll need $6,942 for this project. The funds will be used for two purposes. First, we'll need to compensate the technician for collecting and processing blood samples. Second, we'll have to cover the costs of antibodies and test supplies to evaluate the BMP levels in each blood sample.

Meet the Researcher


Cardiology Fellowship; Tulane University
Vascular Fellowship; The Cleveland Clinic
Gene Therapy Fellowship; University of Alabama at Birmingham
PhD in Cell Biology;University of Alabama at Birmingham
Internal Medicine Residency; University of Alabama at Birmingham
General Surgery Internship; Albert Einstein School of Medicine
MD; The Mount Sinai School of Medicine

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