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What is the context of this research?

I chose to focus on this research I personally enjoy music very much. Music is also a very familiar topic to everyone and it is easy to understand. I also chose this topic because it talks about creativity, a skill that’s very important and is needed for everyone to have in the 21st century. The topic is basically about the connection between our genetics and brain function with music-related creativity. It is about creativity in music. Creativity is needed for us to come up with new ideas something new to create/develop new things or to find a solution that will be able to help fix problems that we are facing right now. Being able to be creative in music is one sign that the person itself is a creative person. Creative Activities in Music – A Genome Wide Linkage Analysis

What is the significance of this project?

This experiment is performed to find out about linkage between music-related creativities with the genomes in our body, so people in general will be impacted by this work with new findings. Doing this experiment, there is nothing at stake because this is more of a research only to find out something and proof a point that music related creativity is related to our genome not a research to solve a certain problem. We can benefit from the results by knowing which part of our brain and genome affects us in the aspects of creativity. This study could also become a base for further research about genetics and human brain.

What are the goals of the project?

Creativity in music shows a complex cognitive function of a human brain. In order to understand the sciences behind these activities, this research performed a genome wide linkage and linkage disequilibrium scans in individuals that have experiences in music like composing, arranging, and non-music related activity. In order to complete this research, there are 474 people from 79 families and 103 sporadic individuals who participated in this experiment. It could also be good if we can publish this article in a journal or magazine for people to understand this topic, like which part of our brain is responsible for activities that are not closely related to for studying and more of an artistic part of our life.


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The budget that I think will be needed to conduct this research is approximately $5000. This budget is needed because first we have to like pay the people who participated in this experiment, because they probably wouldn’t do it for free. I also need their DNA samples to check the linkage. Furthermore, I need to use advanced machines to conduct the experiment. I also need to hire several people to help me conduct the research, and I have to give them their salary.

Meet the Team

Natasya Nadia Limanta
Natasya Nadia Limanta

Natasya Nadia Limanta

Hi my name is Natasya Nadia Limanta and I’m a freshman in the University of Waterloo in biochemistry major. I am interested in this topic because first of all I love music and I am always very intrigued by how our brain works and about the genetics/genomes in our body. As someone in science major especially biochemistry. I study closely about human body and genetics, and it made me more interested about this research project.

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