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Frequently Asked Questions

Are projects reviewed by scientists for quality?

Our team of scientists reviews every submitted project. Once you're ready, we'll help with feedback on how to improve your project. Check out our guide to learn more about our project criteria.

Will this work at my institution?

Yes! Experiment is a platform that facilitates crowd-sourced research awards. Successful project funding will be made as an award directly to your institution, institution-affiliated foundation, or equivalent authority. The award will be made by Experiment, or Experiment approved 501(c)(3) partner, as a gift restricted for use by you, your lab, or department.

How do I know if my project is a good fit for Experiment?

Almost any type of project can succeed on Experiment, but the best projects are ones that offer a chance to interact with a larger community. To learn more, check out our case studies that examine all types of successful experiments.

Do I have to share all of my results and data?

We encourage transparency but we don't enforce restrictions on what you can or cannot share. In the end, you control what content you're comfortable sharing with your backers.

What do backers expect once they fund my project?

Scientists have named squid after backers, hosted paleontology field visits, and thanked backers in published papers. Every project is a unique chance to share behind-the-scenes science.

Experiment By The Numbers:
  • 402 projects funded
  • 7,020 scientists
  • 20,263 backers
  • 4,353 lab notes
  • 17 published papers

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