Field work successful

Lab Note #9
Apr 15, 2017

Four days, seven people, five sampling sites. Water level 78-80 cm, flow rate 2.38-2.64 m3/s, temperature 8.6-9 degrees Celsius at Malni station and 96-102 cm, 12.0-15.1 degrees Celsius at Postojnska jama station ( Over 440 liters of water collected, transported out of the cave and filtered. The drill pumping system works really well - highly recommended. Sampling rate (18V drill, 12 mm hose) was 1 minute 10 seconds per 5-liter bag. Also, the water remained crystal clear during pumping, which is hard to achieve with manual sampling. The only problem - only ten bags (50 liters) are pumped before the battery goes out - spare batteries required. Aluminum liquid bags are very convenient to carry, much more than plastic canisters. Plus they keep the water cool and dark.

We spotted at least 50 proteus individuals.

Thanks to: Primož Presetnik (field trip organization, field lab space, lodging, sampling, rowing, carrying samples), Tajda Gredar (sampling, carrying samples, filtering), Jasmina Kotnik (sampling, carrying samples), Eva Pavlovič (sampling, carrying samples), Rudi Kraševec (rowing, sampling, carrying samples), Damjan Vinko (rowing, sampling, carrying samples, entertainment), Zvonko Samsa (provided the boat), Gregor Bračko (provided the overalls), Prof. Dr. Peter Trontelj (provided the funnel and transport bags).

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