Quick update

Lab Note #3
Mar 04, 2014

We are happy to report that the leatherbacks have begun nesting here in Florida! We are now aware of at least four nests in the state, and two of these have been found along our nighttime survey area.

Thanks to the tremendous amount of support from our friends and colleagues, much of our equipment and supplies are in hand and we should begin limited surveys in a few days.

In the beginning of the season, we will typically survey for a few hours each night once the turtles have begun nesting. It is pretty hard on our bodies to switch over to working a full night schedule and by about March 15-20, we will have adjusted (sort of... still need lots of caffeine)

We are now more than 70% of the way to our experiment.com funding goal with only 11 days to go! Please share the link to our project with your friends and family and help us get this project funded.

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