We are back from Colorado!

Lab Note #13
Sep 24, 2014

Dear Backers,

Chris Kassotis and I had a very full week collecting water samples in Garfield County, Colorado. Garfield Co sits largely in the Grand Valley with the CO river running through it and it is stunningly beautiful. 

We made many outstanding connections and collected almost 60 unique samples from over 30 sites. We got a really good sampling of surface water in the area. We are anxious to map our basic measurements. We were very lucky to have Jennie Harkness, a fantastic graduate student from our collaborator Avner Vengosh’s lab, join us to collect samples for their inorganic chemistry analysis.

Meanwhile, we shipped water samples back to the lab almost every day and we had a small army of dedicated graduate and undergraduate students processing the water samples over solid phase extraction columns. The samples will soon be ready to be tested in our hormone disrupting assays. 

Thanks again for your support of this project. We really appreciate it!

Be in touch in a few months with more updates,

Susan Nagel, PhD

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