We've made it!!! THANK YOU!

Lab Note #5
Nov 28, 2014

You. Are. AWESOME!  

We've made it to our goal - so we're headed to Mexico in January!!!!

I am incredibly excited for this project, and immensely humbled by your support.

There are still two days left to join our team as a backer - and every dollar will help extend our field survey time in Mexico.  Right now we will be able to spend two months surveying Lacondona with two teams from Conservation Canines - every additional day we can afford to stay there will be a huge benefit to the project.  

Do you know young woman - a daughter, niece, friend, or granddaughter - who is interested in science? Give her the gift of becoming a backer, and enter her email address, for her to receive updates from the field and the laboratory as the science unfolds from our team of female biologists!

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