EXCITING NEWS: Matching Grant & The Power of the Crowd at Work

Lab Note #4
Nov 21, 2014

Hi everyone!

First off, THANK YOU ALL again for your generous support of this crucial research for jaguar conservation. With 9 days left, we've accomplished some amazing outreach and are well on our way to meeting the project goal. Some highlights:

  • >60% of the project funded
  • 119 backers (and many more supporters!)
  • 3800+ page views, across 52 countries, and 6 continents (anyone know someone in Antarctica?!) 

Just amazing!  Each of your voices has been instrumental in maintaining the momentum through this crowdfunding campaign - I am truly inspired by you.  

As we approach the home-stretch, I'm happy to announce a really EXCITING DEVELOPMENT - our combined efforts to raise awareness for this research project has caught the attention of wildlife conservation benefactors, Friends of Conservation Canines, who have generously committed to matching, dollar-for-dollar, any further contributions to our project up until it is funded!!!  Double the impact!

We need your help to fully unlock the potential of this contribution - through continuing to share the project link (https://experiment.com/dogscatsscats), and by inviting others to join us in our efforts towards cutting-edge, impactful, noninvasive conservation science!  As we've already seen, support of all types – large or small, financial or social – can really make a difference!

Let's prove that the crowd can make a big impact and move science forward.

One final push!  We can do it!  

Jennifer, and The Conservation K-9 Team

PS: Please keep the comments coming! Happy to answer any questions about our work. And, in case you missed it, here are some lab notes answering why we collect Scat, and how it can be used in conservation science.

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