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Lab Note #3
Jun 16, 2015

A quick update: in places like the NCI labs (where biological tests are being run), teams of scientists are working to carry out different parts of our experiment (including growing cancer cell lines, synthesizing the TIR-199 compound, troubleshooting methods, and a whole host of other activities).

We're very happy to have gotten the results from the latest tests of TIR-199 against kidney cancer cell lines grown inside hollow fibers, which is supposed to better replicate the conditions inside an actual tumor than standard cell culture practice. The data were (just) good enough that the molecule has been nominated for the next stage, xenografts. This is where a human tumor cell line is implanted inside a mouse and they administer drug to see if the tumor growth is reduced. They want to test TIR-199 against both a kidney cancer cell type and a colon cancer cell type.

Hopefully, this gives you an appreciation for the effort required to test what was a relatively straight forward hypothesis. The hollow fiber assay was the last piece of biological data that we were awaiting to publish this work. The paper we envision will involve Pirrung lab members and our two collaborators: André Bachmann's lab (who did the initial biological testing), and Chia-En Cheng's lab (who did computational modeling on the target site). Each group has done its own write-up, but I am sure there is a fair amount of work left to integrate them. We are envisioning submitting to a high-profile journal this summer.

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