Meet Tara (one of our interns)

Lab Note #1
Jun 26, 2015

My name is Tara Murtagh and I am currently a senior marine science major at Coastal Carolina University. I grew up in Southern California and then moved to the east coast in high school. I've known I wanted to be a marine biologist since I was 12 years old, spending summers at the Dana Point Ocean Institute and attending Girls in Ocean Science conferences in middle and high school. Since then it's been my passion to help conserve the marine environment and its animals. Coastal's well-known marine science program and great location brought me to South Carolina. Sea turtles have always been my favorite, I am excited to be a part of this research project and get to learn as much as I can about loggerhead sea turtles. This internship will give me the hands on experience I need to further help and work professionally with sea turtles when I graduate.

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