Spring update

Lab Note #4
May 21, 2014

Spring finally arrived in South Dakota and things are moving along with this project. I ran three webinars (March, April and May) and Backyard Biodiversity articles have appeared in newspapers across the state. I was interviewed by a reporter from the Argus Leader (Sioux Falls) and you can read that article here.

The publicity has been fantastic and as a result I have over 60 people on my project contact list!

The paper straws and bee bowls ready to go out to participants this week. Data collection will begin June 1 and I will be doing observations at the Prairie Butterfly Garden at the Oahe Downstream Recreation Area. 

I was at the Oahe garden this morning helping some 3rd graders plant annuals (dill, cosmos, zinnia, and marigold). The perennials we planted last year look great and the buffalo bean (left) and violet (right) are even blooming.

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