July 30 observations

Lab Note #11
Jul 31, 2014
I went out to the garden yesterday after a quick meeting to plan some big outreach events in the garden for 2015. Every time I get to the spot on my data sheet for listing the flowering plants I think it would be almost easier to list what isn't flowering at the garden this time of year. The stiff sunflowers have started blooming and the monarda, agastache, hoary vervain, and purple prairie clover are all at or near peak bloom. Not to mention the annuals (marigold, cosmos, and zinnias) that have really filled in after their slow start.

Lots of flowers = lots of pollinator activity. How cool is it that you can see the orange pollen from the purple prairie clover packed on this honey bee's legs?

This green metallic bee was a big fan of the dill flowers.

Bee fly! Look how fuzzy it is! Seriously, these little guys are the cutest insects in the garden.

In addition to the bees and pollinators, there is all sorts of other cool insect activity happening in the habitat, like this assassin bug with its catch (sorry bee).

There are some amazing dragonflies that visit the garden and hang out.

The black swallowtail caterpillars are continuing to do well. There are a few later instar caterpillars out there and they are doing their part to combat the dill situation.

This garden is a great example of 'if you plant it, they will pollinate.'
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