pronghorn proof-of-concept #2

Lab Note #3
May 14, 2017

Drone practice continues on the Laramie Plains. Below are some media to illustrate how the drone will be deployed in the Gran Chaccu ethnoarchaeology project. These include new pronghorn video footage, a nice photo of the Hutton Lake area, and an image showing pronghorn counts.

Video: Pronghorn group. Video footage like this will allow me to document the dynamics of Gran Chaccu events. My hand is still a bit shaky, but getting steadier each time...

(music: Wyoming is for lovers by The Patti Fiasco)

Image 1: Hutton Lake. Images like this will allow me to capture and illustrate the physiographic context of Gran Chaccu events. There is a small, barely visible group of pronghorn bottom center.

Image 2: Pronghorn counting. Images like this will allow me to count vicuña and participants in Gran Chaccu. This image captured two pronghorn groups. Inset images enlarged 300%.

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