It's almost Monk Time!

Lab Note #3
May 24, 2014
Hello all!

I'm dropping in to thank everyone again for their support! Also, if you are interested in following my adventures throughout the summer, I'd like to direct you to the social media accounts that I will be updating as I go along. Feel free to follow on your preferred platform: I'll be photoblogging from the Facebook page, Of Monks and Men, and from a Tumblr, I would love to hear from anyone as I'm out surveying, so please do comment and "ask" on either page! I'm happy to take any questions you've got from the field! I'm also tweeting away from my Twitter account, @monksandmen, so join me there for some shorter thoughts!

I am packing up and will be in France soon enough! Want a sneak peak at some of the things I'll be bringing along with me?

I've got my trusty mechanic gloves (machine washable and everything), my old school map (for when the GPS just doesn't cut it), and my new laser distance measure (for taking super-accurate measures of building dimensions). With visions of vaults dancing in my head (and a quick offering to the travel deities), I'm almost ready to head out across the ocean! Thanks so much for helping me get here, and I hope you stay on board with me throughout the summer!

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