We did it!!

Lab Note #3
Feb 08, 2014

Hello everyone,

The proposal deadline is nearly over and we've done it! I thank everyone so much for your support and interest in my project! I will keep posting updates on the progress and results of the project - including some photos!

I'm continuing to rear ticks and very excited to get out into the field early-spring.

Attached below is Burns, Oregon - which has been found that the ticks acquire A. marginale (pathogen of cattle) much higher than other locations in the NW. This site is drier and spring comes earlier here and collection will be end of March.

This is Lake Como, Montana - these ticks are MASSIVE but acquire A. marginale very low. This location is high up in the mountains and winter last much longer, which delays collection until beginning of May. I might add that Lake Como site is the easiest collection site by far - paved trail and benches!

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