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Published on Jul 01, 2015

Project's total scientific contribution

I wanted to provide a list of talks, posters, and manuscripts that came from this project and the crowdsourcing fund. I appreciate everyone that was interested in this research and supported the pr...

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Published on Jun 06, 2014

The latest and greatest update!

Side noteSide note: Yes itdoes! The ecosystems are different, the animals the ticks feed on are different, and the bacteria within the ticks areunique as well. We analyzed threesites (Idaho, Oregon...

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Published on Mar 28, 2014

Project update - 03/28/2014

Hello everyone,Since the project was funded I’ve been working extremelyhard! I have some exciting results on the project so far and some new futuredirections:1. I’ve characterized the microbiomes o...

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One health is an approach that includes many factors that may contribute to a disease. My project is a great example - there is an interaction between pathogen - tick - wildlife - domestic animals - humans - environment. Realistically, all of these components play a role in the disease dynamics, ...more
Exactly Jenny! It's not a simple problem and it's not unique to Kruger Park. Look at these naughty dogs not respecting the fence -!
Hi Jenny, That is a fantastic question! The answer is that it depends on the tick. Some ticks are very very picky (see link below), whereas some will attach to any creature that passes by. Some of the strange ticks include: ticks that only attach to lizards, or primate noses, or migrating bird...more
Kruger is so big! The drive isn't too bad from what I'm told - about 7 to 8 hours. The closest big village to look up would be Hoedspruit - which is still a small drive away from the site.
Thanks!! The University of Pretoria has over 50 ongoing projects at the Mnisi community in a wide-range of academic fields
Ask away! I have not been to the Mnisi community yet (or South Africa), but I'll be working with several fantastic South African professors, grad students, and vet students that have experience in the area. The great thing about this community is that there are many ongoing projects and there is ...more
We finished the proofs last week, so we should have preprint any day. I'll upload it ASAP!