First observations at Oahe

Lab Note #5
Jun 11, 2014
I visited the Prairie Butterfly garden yesterday and completed the first set of observations for the site. The penstemon was in full bloom and most of the insect activity I observed was on those blooms. The marigolds and cosmos that were planted are also blooming. It was a bit windy (which is typical for South Dakota), but there were still quite a few small bees (including one green metallic bee!) out and about.

The Echinacea and swamp milkweed will be blooming soon and the dill did quite a good job reseeding itself. I'll be posting updates and pictures after each data collection trip, so check back to see how things are progressing.

Showy Beardtongue - Penstemon grandiflorus

Buffalo bean fruit. At first I thought that someone had dropped grapes in the plot.

Completely unnecessary artsy shot of the penstemon.
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