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Lab Note #5
Jul 14, 2014
We have had a productive few weeks here.  So far, we have done three large-scale experiments and upwards of 6 smaller pilot experiments.  Some have worked beautifully, others not so much but we have learned a lot about  what may be causing white band disease and also how the disease operates.  Our biggest experiment involved transmitting WBD to healthy corals in tanks and sampling each coral at multiple time points.  We are very excited to bring these samples back to the US and use the rest of the money donated by you to sequence them.  By sequencing samples from the same coral at multiple time points we will be able to understand when the different parts of the white band disease bacterial community are established.  We have also done a lot of plating of WBD-infected corals on different growth media to see what kinds of culturable bacteria are present on diseased corals and which may be pathogens.  We have lots more work to do both here in Bocas and back in Boston!

-Sarah and Felicia

Bacterial growth on different kinds of media.

Taking data on which corals contract disease and which don't.

Corals ready to be dosed with disease homogenate.

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