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really cool set of pictures! I especially like the mosquito vacuum
This is so cool! Those prints look really nice :)
very cool that you guys were able to get on the news! Really interesting segment :)
I've never seen baby chestnuts before!
Pretty cool that in the span of 50 years the site expanded from the adobe house to the mission complex. How did you guys get the dates for each event?
I wanted to be Indiana Jones when I was little so seeing lab notes make me really excited! Was that first picture of you overlooking the valley in Huanangue Valley? It sort of looks like there's some farming going on in it. Is the site inhabited?
I've been dabbling a little in 3D modeling using trnio and then importing the models into blender. The quality is pretty bad and the models look pretty funny, but it's free! Too bad it wouldn't be much use in this case! CT scans are super expensive.
Kinda interesting that the midsections of these bass all vary, but the eye dot on the tails all look the same! Guess it pays to look like you've got two heads
Glad to see that the research is starting! Do you have any pictures of data collection? Or maybe a sneak peak at the questions that you're asking!
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