Power Law Distribution of Social Networks

Lab Note #2
Mar 11, 2014

A few days ago we started a Thunderclap campaign to spread the word about our research. We are really excited to announce that, thanks to all our supporters, we have already achieved the 33% of the goal. This is good news, but we are quite far behind what we need to achieve -both at Thunderclap and here, at Experiment. Please let other know about what we are doing, every single person counts. There are many more news we want to share with you: we have been featured at Wired Insights, our research paper presenting this experiment is at the top 10 of its SSRN category, an US agency has approached us to implement our technology,... we will be posting them during the following days and weeks. Thanks again for all your support -nothing of this would had been possible without you!-, stay tuned for new lab notes!

Last Update: We finally achieved a social outreach of over half a million people! The power-law function of Facebook and Twitter, as that of most of social networks (including the international justice system, as our research demonstrates), is characterized by a very few power brokers with a high number of connections (thousands or millions), and a long tail of followers (regular users with at most several hundreds). At the end, the same social analysis tools and techniques that are so useful for us in the study of justice systems, also proved to be fundamental to our outreach efforts. By identifying and focusing on the top players (20:80), we have been able to maximize the outcome of this campaign. We simply love to be funding our research like this, getting in touch with the community, and really enjoy and appreciate every single step of the way.

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