Friday Readings

Lab Note #2
Mar 20, 2014

Just a short update, for those of you waiting to see the first round of data.

We will be starting the VAD on Wednsday (0326) barring any unforeseen roadblocks. This means that we will be taking baseline readings before then (hopefully Friday) and will be putting them up here for you guys to finally get some hard data. This will be the ERG readings and initial body composition information.

Edit: I am bad at multitasking. Changed start dates. Sorry.

Body composition data will be updated weekly as well, perhaps even more often. As with all experiments, the first readings will help us establish how often we need to take more readings. If we notice anything amiss or interesting, extra data will need to be taken. If we find out that everything is cruising along at a stable rate, we will maintain the weekly only readings.

Some of us will be getting blood work done as well throughout the experiment. If anything interesting shows up, you guys will be the first to know :) While we will be blogging about the progress or anything of interest at, your support is what got us here, and the hard data is yours.

We couldn't have gotten here without all your support. We hope we do ya' proud :)

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