9 teams registered already from US, UK and France

Lab Note #1
Feb 21, 2014

No PI Organization Lab Website Cell type
1 D. Queller and J. Strassman Washington University strassmannandquellerlab Dicty
2 Agnes Janoshazi NIH/NIEHS calciumregulationgroup
3 David Knecht U. Connecticut knechtlab Dicty
4 Guillaume Charras UCL charraslab
5 N. Steinckwich-Besancon NIH/NIEHS calciumregulationgroup
6 Max Krummel UC San Francisco krummellab
7 T. Bruce Clemson University brucelab Dicty
8 C. Anjard & J.P. Rieux Université Lyon 1 biophysicsteam Dicty
9 Robert Insall Beatson Institute, UK insalllab Dicty

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