Lab Note #2
Jan 10, 2017

Hello, we're full steam ahead on our project and are very pleased with how our crowdfunding is going. We've received $192 dollars as of today which is very exciting!  

Here is a photo of our EEG machine. It's a Aspect Medical A-2000. Originally made for calculating how alert someone is during surgery and in the intensive care unit in hospitals, we've modified it for our purposes. It came out a long time ago and is no longer made. We're going to be custom making a sensor as the human sensors are too large. The machine was purchased from a surplus medical distributor online used by a group member using his own money. It had a bent pin which is now fixed and is now fully operational. It will connect to a computer running a special program to allow us to capture and store data. It will help determine how alert the subject is (One environmental variable we'll be running an experiment on is the day/night cycle) by capturing brain activity. Stay tuned for some sketches of the harness we'll be making.

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