Monday Update 20140505

Lab Note #6
May 05, 2014

Hi Everyone!

We are a few days into our modified VAD diet and other than some casual conversations about lusting about Reubens and cereal, things are going smoothly. Here are the updated BF% charts as of Friday

Now that we are on a modified diet, we will be taking daily readings. Maybe more interesting to you guys, we are taking a weekly Farnsworth Munsell Test in addition to the ERG readings. Everyone is finding time to do this today, so we will add it into next weeks update.

We start the Retinoic Acid supplementation tomorrow. This will help flush the Vitamin A1 out of our system while also maintaining some crucial metabolic activities.  The dosage we are using is 0.1mg/kg body weight. Everyone seems to have plateaued body weight wise, so this will be a normalized value for each subject.

Since this is a fairly small amount to measure on a daily basis and because RA is very light and temperature sensitive, we have a specific protocol for diluting the metabolite into oil and then aliquoting it out. 

Are you interested in the protocols we are using? Let us know and we will post them.

We are taking measurements for just about everything we can measure, as we want to take good care of all our test subjects. What other data is everyone interested getting at this point? Let us know in the comments section and we will post it up at the next update :)

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