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Springtime Means Go-Time for the MyHE Team!

Lab Note #6
Apr 14, 2015

Dear MyHealthEd Supporters,

We hope that you are enjoying the spring weather, wherever you may be! Our MyHE team has been very busy this semester, and we are happy to report that the Institute for Emerging Issues has granted us a no-cost three-month extension so that we can utilize feedback and findings from our spring pilot study to inform our software development needs this coming summer.

With regards to our team members, Justin has designed our brand new logo!

We wanted to capture our intersecting interests in students, technology, and health and think that this logo captures our mission perfectly; check it out on our website! In addition, Justin has taken the feedback from health teachers and students from our first round of pilot testing to create a tutorial video for students who are using the MyHealthEd portal for the first time. This tutorial video covers the basics of logging into the course page and utilizing features like text-to-speech. The video will be integral in assisting students in classrooms with health teachers who are less proficient in using technology.

Joy has been translating Reducing the Risk activities to an online format so that activities are presented in a more engaging way than simple text. We continue to laud her for her enthusiastic and clear "teacher voice" and love how she has incorporated her sense of humor and style (see below) to her animated counterpart.

In addition to finalizing health teacher interview and student focus group protocols to gather feedback this spring, Kendra took on the brave task of creating daily pre-test and post-tests (or Do Nows and Exit Tickets for our teacher friends) for each of the 16 lessons. These formative assessments will assist us in assessing where our students are throughout the course instead of just at the start and end. Test out your sexual and reproductive health (SRH) knowledge with the sample questions below:

1. True or false: It is safer to use two condoms at a time.

2. True or false: Girls can't get pregnant the first time they have sex.

3. Which of the following is NOT a safe alternative to using a condom?

A. Abstinence

B. Just kissing and touching instead of having sex

C. Finding something similar to a condom around the house

D. Going to a movie instead

Lastly, Liz and Vichi have been orchestrating the logistics for our spring pilot test at four ENC high schools. Coming up, the MyHealthEd co-founders will be presenting at the annual YTH Live (Youth + Tech + Live) conference on 4/26 in San Francisco, CA. Then, Liz will be presenting at the APPCNC (Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign of North Carolina) annual conference on 5/21 in Greensboro, NC. In between, Liz and Vichi are looking forward to reuniting in Kansas City, MO at the annual Entrepreneurs United event sponsored by Teach For America and The Kauffman Foundation. Let us know if we'll cross paths in the coming weeks!

Until next time!

Liz & Vichi

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