Meet Stacey (Our Intern)

Lab Note #4
Jul 02, 2015

My name is Stacey Reichardt, I'm from Harford County Maryland and came to Coastal Carolina because of my interest in marine science. Since I first saw the campus when I was in 7th grade it was always my plan to go here, I am now going into my senior year with a major in marine science and a minor in mathematics. I have always been interested in turtles since I was young and hope to learn more about them during this internship. Last summer I interned with Maryland Environmental Service and was able to work with their diamondback terrapins, releasing them back into the bay at Poplar Island, and am excited to get to work with turtles again this summer. This project is something that greatly interests me and I'm eager to see how the turtles react to light pollution and how residents of Myrtle Beach could potentially make a difference by reducing their light pollution.

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