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Lab Note #2
Apr 01, 2015

April 2015 Update

Dear Generous Learn to Earn supporters:

Because of your contribution, we have now completed 9 classes of the semester for 7 regularly attending students of the Learn to Earn program in Nairobi, Kenya.

The computer lab comes next. We have already sent 1 laptop over and 5 more are in transit to Kenya in April and May for the students -- all thanks to our volunteers who are flying back and forth (in other words, import-tax free!).

Currently, all 7 students have access to a computer lab or to their own computer so they can attend. But our ideal is to be able to admit students who have no computer or money for a computer through scholarships and more grants in the future.

Also, due to the publicity we received here -- we heard from a Kenyan national who trained in programming here in New England (and who now lives here), and he has just joined us as our newest programming mentor!

In the final week of April, I will be administering a post-test to all 7 students evaluate the progress (or regress?) that virtual mentoring. The tests should give us an early peek at some possible outcomes but we need a much larger dataset!

That's why Joseph and I are now making plans together to take this "Learn to Earn"research to the next level! Hint: We are hoping to expand this project across all of Kenya next in order to get the sample size we need.

Thanks for kicking this off!

Israel Kloss

Tech Coordinator,

Learn To Earn, USA

P.S. Please check out some of our classes via MP3 and Video


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