Q & A Time

Lab Note #1
Mar 24, 2014

We received the below questions and we attempt to answer them below.


  1. What is the $700 for installation services?
  2. What are the credentials and sourcing for the volunteer web developers?
  3. How will you be applying "prescriptive analytics" to the project?
  4. How will the study be structured to measure results?


  1. The $700 is for network installation and lab maintenance
  2. Our sourcing will be mostly Boston College computer science freshmen. Teaching Credential requirements are still TBD but will be highly related to the scrutiny of myself and 3 other wordpress developers (the three -- excluding myself -- are also high-end python and mobile development programmers and 1 is all that and a mathematics professor).
  3. Prescriptive analytics is one of my primary professor-advisor's expertise. He's teaching me how to execute so that will be the final stage of the 3-4 year project. So the answer to that is also TBD
  4. Measuring results will include Subject Measurement and tracking through analytics and tag management software; including Collections of metrics on subject mastery followed by subject surveys and post-graduation yearly surveys ... Then if we can get at least 1000 surveys (I'm a part-time MBA student so this is a 4-5 year program/project) the multivariate predictive (and prescriptive) analysis can begin. Here is a video that explains one of the logistic regression methods we will use on the student survey and training data results:http://www.tatvic.com/webinar/churn-analysis-for-mobile-application/

Finally, Here's a semi-technical blog post on churn risk that I wrote (which can be applied to educational contexts when isolating the proper correlates as independent and dependent variables in the data). I will be applying the principles in this post in my MBA 4-year thesis:


And, believe it or not, that's just the short version.

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