Sending out devices for the pre-qualifying round

Lab Note #6
Apr 06, 2014

We are starting to send out devices to the teams that signed up for the Race. Thanks to Elisabeth, who spend the weekend in the cleanroom making these, the competing teams will receive either dishes or plates, which look like in the pictures below. The teams will use these devices to test their favorite cells and run a "pre-qualifying round" in their lab if needed to select the fastest and smartest cells. Wish them good luck!

These are the 35 mm dishes. The little doughnut in the middle is the microfluidic device, permanently bonded to the glass surface. Small channels and chambers in between the device and the glass form the maze that cells will have to navigate (see an image of the maze in one of our previous posts).

... and this is a close look at a 6-well plate. The plate format is standard throughout the world at about 5 x 31/4 inches, and widely used for higher-throughput applications in biomedical labs. As you could see, we mounted two devices in each well.

Each lab will receive either ten dishes or one plate.

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