Meet Carmen (one of our interns)

Lab Note #2
Jun 26, 2015

My name is Carmen Williams and I'm a rising senior marine science major at Coastal Carolina University. I've wanted to work in the marine science field ever since I was twelve years old. My favorite subjects in this area are biology and ecology because love the large majestic animals like sea turtles, octopus, and dolphins and how they all connect in their environments. I'm from the city of Baltimore in Maryland. I learned about Coastal Carolina University through a representative who came to my high school when I was a sophomore. She explained the marine science program to me and ever since then, I knew that Coastal was the choice for me.I'm so excited to participate in this study because it will be my first study outside of class. I really want to gain experience during this study. I want to learn how experiments and science articles are done. Not only that, but sea turtles like the loggerhead really need our help. Sea turtles are amazing, gentle creatures that contribute to their environments. So many things can harm them like our garbage and our artificial lights. Through this study, I hope to help bring attention to this problem.

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