Field experiment video clip

Lab Note #1
Apr 23, 2014
Hi all!  Thought some of you may be interested in seeing one of our field experiments in action.  I've linked a short video clip I took from today's experiment.  Here's a little context on what you're seeing:  Over the past three days I (the friendly feeder person) have established the location you can see the person standing in as a place where I'll provide the birds food.  During those three days I tracked how quickly they would come down to the food pile once I threw out some peanuts.  Today they showed up for food but were greeting by both the pile of food and a person holding a dead crow.  As you can see and hear in the video this attracted quite a few birds who were none too happy.  This in itself is interesting because most animals appear to be unresponsive to seeing a dead conspecific (member of their own species).  Tomorrow, I'll get to testing our two questions.  First I'll send the same person they saw today back out only this time they won't be holding a dead crow.  Will they treat them as a threat or ignore them?  Second I'll see if their willingness to continue to take food from the pile I provide changes.  I can tell you today they did eventually return to the food pile but it took a few hours.  

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