Field clip day 2

Lab Note #2
Apr 24, 2014
Here's the follow up from yesterday's experiment!  Basically what's going on is the birds haven't seen our masked person since them saw her yesterday holding the dead crow.  Today I'll throw food out and that same person will once again emerge, only this time she won't have any dead crows with her.  How will the birds respond?  As you can see they didn't recruit a bunch of other birds like they did when she had the dead crow (or when they see hawks), so that's definitely different.   But our territory holders are UPSET.  One scolded the entire 30min exposure period and divebombed a total of 39 times.  That's a lot!  That's a clear indication that this birds recognizes this person from yesterday and will now treat them as a threat.  Of course, we have to test this many, many more times before we can say anything conclusive, but this is consistent with responses I saw last year.  In addition the birds today never came down to get food.  A big change from before when they would come within seconds!  
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