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Sex Ed, Students, and San Francisco

Lab Note #7
Apr 30, 2015

Dear MyHealthEd Supporters,

Greetings from San Francisco! We have just finished presenting at this year's Youth + Tech + Health Live conference and had an absolute blast. It was an honor to present on a panel alongside such passionate women who are forging the path for online sex education across a variety of settings: Drs. Karin Coyle and Regina Firpo-Triplett of ETR, Antovia Clifford of IMPACT Program at Northwestern, and Amanda Gaston of the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board. Dr. Coyle, Dr. Firpo-Triplett, and Ms. Gaston also presented online adaptations to current evidence-based interventions. More specifically, Coyle and Firpo-Triplett presented a blended version of Reducing the Risk (the same curriculum we use!) and Gaston presented Native It's Your Game, an adaptation of the original It's Your Game intervention specifically for native teens and young adults. We look forward to learning more about these adapted programs and hope to learn from them as well.

In the coming weeks, the two of us will reunite at Entrepreneurs United in Kansas City, MO to gather feedback from other social innovators. Then, we will meet again at the end of May…at Princeton Reunions!

In the meantime, Liz is assuming her full-time project coordinator role as four (maybe five) schools in Eastern North Carolina pilot test our current sex education module with 9th grade students. Kendra and Liz will conduct focus groups with students and interviews with health teachers in an effort to learn more about their online experience and feedback. Stay tuned for additional updates in the coming weeks. Cheers!


Liz & Vichi

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