Progressing Steadily (and some light data)

Lab Note #4
Apr 29, 2014
Hey Everyone!
Thursday is our planned diet shift day! We're a little nervous but a lot excited. Once the diet gets started, there will be a lot more interesting data to provide you all with. Until that happens, I thought I would just show you the intro data we have going right now. Right now it's all prep and fine tuning the systems.

This is the reading from the ERG system as one of our test subjects has their eye exposed to a strobe light. We're working on getting those lines a little smoother and evened out. We're looking at picking up a different type of electrode to get more robust readings and also just to make it easier on the eyes of the test subjects.
It's really important that we get as crisp a reading as possible, with as little noise as possible so that any changes that may occur are easy to define. 
As you may remember, body fat reduction was a big deal for us. We are trying to reduce as much of the body's stored vitaminA2  as possible which is stored in the fat and liver. Let's take a look at how this has been going over the last month.

The data from subject C and D is relatively fresh; these are the two new people we have added to the study. You can see that Subject B and D are well below the 10% mark. The reason for this is that they are a bit younger and already started below the mark. That great news, less effort required. It's also good to have a range of subjects. Subject C is female and we are using a different metric for allowable body fat.  I just received an email that she hit 16.5% today (that data is not on the chart). Subject A and our Control are both down around 11% and we are fairly certain that they will make 10% by the end of the week.
We plan on having weekly data updates each Monday. Let us know if there is something you want to see or any questions you may have.
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