Today is a day to celebrate!

Lab Note #9
Jan 11, 2017

It is so exciting to reach 100% funded on today, January 11th because today is Aldo Leopold's birthday.  Unfamiliar with Aldo Leopold? Check out my musings from earlier this morning:

On the woodcock, Leopold wrote "Why the male woodcock should be such a stickler for a bare dance floor puzzled me at first, but I now think it is a matter of legs. The woodcock's legs are short, and his struttings cannot be executed to advantage in dense grass or weeds. Nor could his lady see them there."

So, it seems extremely relevant to celebrate a successfully funded project with a woodcock "dance" video: 

Of course, this isn't the true woodcock mating display, but it does show off very fine legs. 

Thanks everyone for all your support!

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