Andrés Ochoa (aka Don)

Andrés Ochoa (aka Don)

PhD Biotecnology

@Arcturus BioCloud @Syntechbio @USP

Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Scientist and Biohacker
"When you feel that you should have been born in the future, the only option is to build the future, so you can finally get to where you belong". 04/2014.

Founder and Director at Syntechbio (Latin American Biohacker Spaces Network, Community of +2000 science lovers)

Cofounder and Chief Science Officer at Arcturus Biocloud.

He has being working with molecular biology for more than 10 years. His current goal is to use this knowledge to create technology to build a better world. He believes that biological engineering will lead the technological advances of the next 50 years. His purpose is to create knowledge and tools that will allow biology to shift from an observational stage to a design discipline.

June 2015