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I'm sorry to hear that your project wasn't fully funded. This is a worthwhile endeavor and I would suggest that you get "Shark Girl" Madison Stewart to endorse it on facebook or through other avenues. You may want to give it another try here or on "Go Fund Me" Good luck!
Jul 11, 2016
Save the sharks: A new idea to help reduce the unintended capture of sharks during fishing
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I am having a hard time correlating the very interesting graph showing the change in depth with the video, that for the most part shows the shark following the surface of the sea floor. It doesn't really illustrate what I was expecting to see which was climbing and descending in the water. It would be great if the video showed the depth in the corner of the screen. To me it seems like expanding and retracting the swim bladder uses less energy while covering more volume of water, like you eluded to in one of your videos. Best wishes to you and your project and to Madison Stewart for all the great works you do.
Jul 08, 2016
Why do tiger sharks swim up and down the water column? – An up-close view of their vertical movements
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