Rosalyn D. Abbott

Rosalyn D. Abbott

Pittsburgh, PA

Carnegie Mellon University

Assistant Professor


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Thanks for your support and questions! I believe the first reference is still going! Their product is made out of soy and pea proteins, coconut fat and sunflower oil (along with natural colors and flavors). This is an excellent start to 3D printing a meat substitute! Our approach is different, using animal derived cells and lipids to build an animal tissue with the same cellular and content profile as a cut of steak directly derived from the animal. We are using 3D printing to re-create the tissue architecture to mimic the native tissue as closely as possible. We have not reached out to Upside Foods, but have been following work from Mosa Meat that just published a protocol on growing bovine myocytes in serum free media. We also have been fallowing Mission Barns and their work on culturing animal fat. There are lots of wonderful teams in this space and we are thankful for the strong community.
Feb 01, 2022
3D printing a steak with lab-grown cow cells
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