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I had recently read about how there had been a "plague of oysters" before the Tokyo Olympics, where tons of oysters had attached themselves to floats in Tokyo Bay. I don't know if this would be relevant or useful in any way, but they must've accidentally done something good if they had that much oyster growth in the middle of an industrial waterway in so little a time. Anyway, I hope the project continues to go well!
Oct 07, 2021
Restoring native oysters to Biscayne Bay, as a tool to mitigate algal blooms
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Would it cut costs in the future to use UAVs/droves instead of helicopters?
Feb 12, 2016
Estimating Florida Manatee Population Size from Helicopter Sightings
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Dr. Marzluff, I really liked 'Gifts of the Crow.'
Apr 04, 2014
Crow funerals: What are they thinking about?
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Your lab notes are the best thank you notes.
Apr 04, 2014
Water From Oil: Can We Help Restore Iraq's Marshes?
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