Armando Valdes-Velasquez

Armando Valdes-Velasquez

Cayetano Heredia University, Lima, Peru

Associated Professor


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Very interesting conversation, good questions and answers. I wonder if it would be enriching for you to compare your findings with Viviana's... anyway... Congratulations! (see you in Lima?)
Thank you Natalia, Great article and great (useful) lessons learned! And an amazing photo of a "salta-palitos"! Those were really common in Lima when I was in school.
Thank you for the update Nati. Congratulations for finishing this part of the project successfully! Did you find something unusual? A species that you did not expect? (nice comments from Edgar!)
Thank you for that update Nati. Great idea to introduce the team to us, readers. So we can follow what you are doing! They are scientists through and through! Anyway, good luck this week!