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Published on Apr 02, 2015

Naming the features of Pluto and Charon

Hey guys! Check out this website where you can nominate or vote for names that are given to the surface features of Pluto and it's moon Charon. It won't be long before NASA's New Horizons will be f...

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Published on Mar 05, 2015


Hey Everyone! I invite you to watch this video to see what the significance of this name is. In it you will learn a little bit about our corner of the universe, specifically the supercluster that t...

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Published on Feb 16, 2015

Crash Course

Hey Everyone,Here is Phil Plait's first crash course in astronomy video. It provides great explanations of the fundamental concepts involved in astronomy and you can find more of these on youtube. ...

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Published on Feb 16, 2015

Background Info on White Dwarfs

Hello Everyone!Here is a great write up on white dwarf stars and how they are created.http://science.nationalgeographic.com/science/spac...

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Published on Feb 04, 2015

Spiral Galaxy Simulation

Hey Everyone! Here is a computer simulation of what the first nine billion years of a spiral galaxy's evolution might look like. The research behind it was done by a group at Harvard. For this simu...

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Published on Jan 28, 2015

Embry Riddle's one meter telescope in action!

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Published on Jan 23, 2015

More on Galactic Halos

Here is a graphic to help you visualize the different regions in a galaxy. The distances are measured in kiloparsecs. One of these is equal to roughly 3260 light years! In astronomy the distances a...

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Published on Jan 20, 2015

This is exactly how I feel about astrophysics

"When I tell my friends that I study physics, they move their heads from side to side, they shake their hands at the wrist, and they whistle, "Whew! That's difficult". This universal reaction to th...

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Thanks Frederique for the support!
Thanks Dan for the support! We really hope it does too.
Thank you for your generosity Jennifer!
For all of you who have donated, do you have any questions? I would be glad to answer any of them. Also, remember there are no stupid questions in Astronomy! The reason we have progressed as far as we have is because someone wasn't afraid to ask the hard questions.
Hey Brittni! Thank you so much for the donation!
Hey Brittni! Thank you so much for the donation!
Thanks for the donations everyone! I'll be posting another lab note tomorrow so stay tuned.
Thank you all very much for your donations! You have helped us get off to a great start.
Thanks for the donation Linda!