Brian Okum

Brian Okum

Philadelphia, PA

Temple University Alumni

Research Assistant


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Published on Nov 27, 2015

Day 9 of 12. Doing great.

(We scarcely have internet, and this post was written in haste so please excuse my typos, etc! )Today is day 9 of 12, meaning that we are almost finished. Andthings are going very w...

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Published on Nov 02, 2015

Soccer balls and T-shirts and prep-work, Oh My!

Now that we are finished with our prep work we can all relax and play soccer. No, just kidding! Our team is working hard to prepare in these final weeks. The soccer balls and T-shir...

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Published on Sep 30, 2015

We're Funded! Thank you!

Thank you for your support, everyone! Your contributions have paid for much of our trip and we deeply appreciate that. We are currently creating our itinerary and finalizing the res...

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Published on Sep 03, 2015

Join us online TODAY @ 5-8pm EST!

Today from 5-8pm Professor Robin Aronow and Brian Okumwill be hosting an IAmA on Reddit to discuss endangered languages, language revival and revitalization, the causes of language ...

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